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Credit Union Membership

Membership Share $25 per value, one (1) share is required to open and maintain
Membership Fee $5 one time fee
Non-sufficient Funds Fee (ACH/ATM/Debit/Share Draft) $32
Account Closure Fee $25 if closed within 13 months of opening
Excessive Withdrawal Fee $5 each if more than 3 per quarter
Re-open Account Fee $50 to re-open if closed due to negative shares
Initial Deposit to Open Savings Account $25
ATM Withdrawal Fee $1 each if at a non-proprietary machine.
$3 if a non-Marshland card used at a Marshland ATM.
Counter Checks 8 Free/$2 each additional page.
Debit Card/ATM Replacement Fee $5 per card
Share Draft Stop Payment Fee $32
Share Draft Copy Fee $2

Other Fees

Account Research Fee (1/2 hour min/$15) $30/hour, waived if our error
Account Summary Print Out Fee $4
On-Us Non-Member Check Cashing $5 each
Return Mail $5
Cashier's Check Fee $5 each
ACH Stop Payment Fee $32 each
Christmas Club Early Withdrawal Fee (before Oct. 1) $5
Copy Service Fee $0.32 per page
Deposited Item Return Fee $5 per item
Deposited Item Return Fee (own account) $25 per item
Fax Service Fee $2
Garnishment/Levy Fee By County
Money Market Withdrawal Fee $5 each if >3 per month
Money Maker Fee (if balance falls below minimum) $5 per month
Money Order Fee $3 each
Inactive Account (if no activity > 1 year) $5 per month
Statement Copy Fee $4 per month
Wire Transfer Fee (Incoming within the United States) $10
Wire Transfer Fee (Outgoing within the United States) $20
Wire Transfer Fee (Incoming/International) $10
Wire Transfer Fee (Outgoing/International) $50

Safe Deposit Box Fees

Annual Rental 5x5 $25
Annual Rental 3x10 $30
Annual Rental 5x10 $45
Annual Rental 10x10 $70
Fee for Drilling of Box When Keys Are Lost Current Rate at the time of drilling

Automated Services Fees

24 Hour Internet Account Access Free
24 Hour Phone Account Access Free
Online Bill Pay Service Fee Free
E-Statements Free

Overdraft Privilege (applicable to all qualifying accounts)

Oops (Overdraft Privilege) Fee $32 each
Overdraft Transfer Fee $5 each